Trojan 24-GEL 12V Deep-Cycle Gel Battery


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The Trojan 24-GEL 12V Deep-Cycle Gel Battery by Trojan Batteries is an industry leading Deep-Cycle Gel Battery with multiple terminal options to fit your application.

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Superior Performance with the Trojan 24-GEL Battery

Deep-Cycle Gel Battery Performance from Trojan Batteries

Advantage Batteries is proud to offer a great price on for any Trojan 24-GEL 12V Deep-Cycle Gel Battery in stock. The Trojan 24-GEL is engineered with an advanced technology feature set that provides outstanding sustained performance and total energy output, delivering the exceptional quality and reliability Trojan batteries are known for.

Utilizing a proprietary gel formulation, Trojan???s deep-cycle gel batteries provide longer cycle life than other gel??technologies??in heavy-duty applications, making it best in its class. Trojan deep-cycle gel batteries deliver rugged durability and consistent performance, offering a versatile alternative for use in applications??requiring sealed batteries.

Deep-Cycle Gel Battery Advantages

  • Trojan???s deep-cycle gel batteries are completely maintenance-free and require no watering.
  • Deep-cycle gel batteries provide customers long lasting runtime and battery life for the most demanding applications.

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 10.92 × 6.61 × 9.26 in




Terminal Options

6, 7

CCA Rating


Reserve Capacity (Minutes)


BCI Group Size


Ah Rating (@100 Hr)


Ah Rating (@20Hr)



Renewable Energy Systems

Terminal Options Guide

Option Code Description A.K.A.
1 Embedded Low Profile Type M
2 Embedded High Profile  
3 Embedded Automotive Post  
4 Embedded Universal/Reverse Type J
5 L-Terminal  
6 Automotive Post & Stud/Standard Standard
7 Universal  
8 Automotive SAE Type A
9 Wingnut  
10 Dual Wingnut  
11 Stud/Commercial SS Type Commercial SS Type
12 Cable & Plug  
13 M8-1.25 Threaded Hole  
14 Industrial  
15 6mm/8mm Insert Insert
16 Small L-Terminal  
17 5/16″-18 Stud & 1/4″-20 Threaded Hole  
18 M6-1.0 Threaded Hole  
19 Type B1/B2  
20 BUS  

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