What Is a Dual-Purpose AGM Battery?

Dual purpose Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are rechargeable lead acid batteries used for a variety of applications. Dual purpose AGM batteries are often found in marine equipment and boats for cranking and trolling, along with a wide range of power equipment.

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A Dual Purpose AGM battery is designed to bridge the gap between starter batteries and deep cycle batteries. You gain a combination of features from both types of batteries, including strong cranking power and steady, low-amp discharge for continued operation.

How Does a Dual Purpose AGM Battery Work?

A Dual Purpose AGM Battery is a rechargeable battery with a comparable design to other types of lead acid batteries. As with most lead acid batteries, an AGM battery uses positive and negative lead plates to generate electricity. With an AGM battery, an absorbent glass mat is used to separate the lead plates.

The plates and the AGM separators are tightly compressed and held in cells. The cells are contained in a durable plastic case. The tight compression increases protection against shock and vibration. It also results in more efficient discharge/charge cycles compared to other types of lead acid batteries.

A Dual Purpose AGM Battery can function as a starting battery or a deep cycle battery. Compared to starting batteries, the dual-purpose battery has thicker, large plates. The larger plates allow for a low, steady draw. However, you also get enough current for starting applications, resulting in a dual-purpose solution for a variety of vehicles and equipment.

Practical Applications of a Dual Purpose AGM Battery

Dual-purpose AGM batteries are most often used in marine equipment and electric vehicles to eliminate the need for two separate batteries. The AGM battery can start the equipment and provide a steady current with a deeper discharge compared to a starting battery.

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Practical Applications of a Dual Purpose AGM Battery

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