What is a Deep Cycle Gel Battery?

A deep cycle gel battery is a type of sealed battery that uses silica to create a gel-like substance from sulfuric acid. The gel is used as an electrolyte, much like the water and sulfuric acid combination found in flooded batteries.

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A deep cycle gel battery offers a deep cycle, which means that it can continue running until the battery is significantly discharged.

Deep-Cycle GEL Batteries are maintenance-free battery banks that requires no watering. Unlike a flooded battery, it does not need to remain in an upright position.

You gain rugged dependability and durability along with consistent performance. You can also choose from a variety of sizes to suit different situations.

How Does a Deep Cycle Gel Battery Work?

A deep cycle gel battery includes a comparable design to other deep cycle batteries. It includes lead plates that help create a chemical reaction with electrolytes to carry an electrical charge. With a flooded battery, water is added. With a gel battery, silica sand mixes with sulfuric acid to create a gel-like electrolyte.

Gel batteries eliminate evaporation of the electrolyte due to its gel electrolyte. Spillage and corrosion issues are rare. The design also allows gel batteries to operate in extreme temperatures and withstand shock and vibration.

Practical Applications of a Deep Cycle Gel Battery

Deep cycle gel batteries are not recommended for applications that require high amperage.

High amperage can create pockets inside the jelly-like electrolytes, allowing the lead plates to begin corroding. Gel batteries are best suited for rugged environments and situations where maintenance is more difficult.

You often find these batteries in boats, aircraft, Golf carts, ATVs and various recreational vehicles. They can also be used in non-ventilated areas. As gel batteries can sustain higher bursts of power, they are also suitable for winching applications.

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