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An SLI battery is a lead-acid and rechargeable type of battery that is mainly used in automobiles. SLI means starting, lighting, and ignition; these processes are all consuming energy that is supplied by the vehicle’s battery because they typically used for short bursts of power, such as starting your engine or running light electrical loads.

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What Is an SLI Battery?

SLI batteries are the rechargeable, lead acid batteries found in most vehicles. SLI stands for starting, lighting, and ignition. An SLI battery provides a high current in short bursts, making it effective for starting a power source, such as an automobile engine or heavy machinery.

How Does an SLI Battery Work?

SLI batteries are also often called starter batteries. The internal design is comparable to deep cycle batteries with a few important differences. Both types of batteries use lead plates. However, SLI batteries use thinner plates with lead dioxide materials.

The typical SLI battery includes six galvanic cells to provide 12 volts of power. Each cell contains a series of lead and lead dioxide plates immersed in an electrolyte solution. The electrolyte reacts with the lead dioxide plate to create ions and lead sulfate. The chemical reaction produces electrons that pass through the battery terminals as electricity.

The thinner plates provide more surface area, which is needed to produce higher currents. You get a lot of power at once, but with a faster rate of discharge compared to deep cycle batteries. If the battery is fully discharged, the plates may become damaged, which is why SLI batteries go through continuous cycles of charge and discharge.

What Is an SLI Battery?

With most SLI batteries, the battery is recharged after losing 5% of its charge. The alternating current moves through a set of diodes known as the rectifier to convert the AC to DC for recharging.

Practical Applications of an SLI Battery

SLI batteries are designed for starting applications. These batteries provide a quick burst of energy to start the engine in your car, truck, or heavy-duty equipment. SLI batteries are also often used in golf carts, electric vehicles, and farm equipment. Other applications for SLI batteries include marine equipment, RVs, and floor care equipment.

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