RELiON InSight 24V060-GC2 60Ah LiFePO4 24V Lithium Battery


The RELiON InSight 24V060-GC2 24V Deep-Cycle Lithium Battery by RELiON Batteries is an industry leading Deep-Cycle Lithium Battery with multiple terminal options to fit your application. Click the Terminal Options Tab for details.

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The new Industry Standard: RELiON InSight 24V060-GC2 24V Deep-Cycle Lithium Battery

The InSight Series? 24V lithium iron phosphate batteries by RELiON are a GC2 sized drop-in replacement that delivers high-quality performance, power and precision.

The RELiON InSight 24V060-GC2 24V Deep-Cycle Lithium Battery was designed specifically to meet the power and energy requirements in floor machines, electric motorized hand trucks, walk-behind pallet jacks, and other material handling applications. By eliminating the ?opportunity charge? often required with lead-acid batteries, operators can complete their task without having to stop and charge.

RELiON InSight batteries are drop-in direct fit install. Just connect them in parallel for the capacity you need. No need to modify trays, no complicated connections, and no heavy lifting. These batteries are also perfect for a scalable application, so you can provide increased power and energy (up to 360Ah) as needed.

RELiON InSight 24V060-GC2 24V Features

Up to 6 Parallel Connections
? Intelligent battery-to-battery balancing
? Additive continuous and peak currents
? Scalable capacity up to 360Ah
Heatsink Design
? Strategically located
? Unique passive cooling
? Prevents over-heating of critical components
Dual M8 Terminals (insert and Stud)
? Ample space for connections

LED Indicator
? Provides State of Charge (SOC)
Unique BMS Design
? Microcontroller-based design
? Intuitive software
? Solid State Switch for ultra-fast response times
? High-resolution internal measurements
? Ultra-low self-consumption
? Non-volatile historical data
? CANbus communication

UN 38.3 Certified Battery
RELiON InSight Lithium Batteries
InSight Series™ batteries were built from the ground up by a team of engineers with over 100 years combined experience in the battery industry.
RELiON InSight 48V030-GC2 48V Deep-Cycle Lithium Battery | 24V060-GC2

The RELiON InSight 24V060-GC2 24V Deep-Cycle Lithium Battery feature an elegant BMS that provides precision balancing within a battery and between batteries in a parallel system without the need for charging batteries individually.

Weight 34.4 lbs
Dimensions 10.2 × 7.1 × 10.9 in




Terminal Options

11, 13

CCA Rating


Reserve Capacity (Minutes)


BCI Group Size

GC2, GC8

Ah Rating (@100 Hr)


Ah Rating (@20Hr)



Aerial Work Platform, Floor Machine, Fork Lifts & Pallet Trucks, Golf and Utility Vehicles, Industrial Equipment

Terminal Options Guide

Option Code Description A.K.A.
1 Embedded Low Profile Type M
2 Embedded High Profile
3 Embedded Automotive Post
4 Embedded Universal/Reverse Type J
5 L-Terminal
6 Automotive Post & Stud/Standard Standard
7 Universal
8 Automotive SAE Type A
9 Wingnut
10 Dual Wingnut
11 Stud/Commercial SS Type Commercial SS Type
12 Cable & Plug
13 M8-1.25 Threaded Hole
14 Industrial
15 6mm/8mm Insert Insert
16 Small L-Terminal
17 5/16″-18 Stud & 1/4″-20 Threaded Hole
18 M6-1.0 Threaded Hole
19 Type B1/B2
20 BUS

Advantage Batteries | Terminal Options

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